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Training - AFC

FraudVigillance has a range of Anti -Fraud Curriculum (AFC) courses tailor-made for helping you respond to the fraud and financial crime threats to your organisation, providing you with the latest fraud prevention techniques.

These courses have 2 wide objectives

  • Basing on risk trends, the courses are engineered to help your staff respond to current risks in the market.
  • General fraud and loss curriculum from what is fraud, how to determine risk and respond.

Fraud and financial crime is a pervasive problem for both you and your organisation. Increased use of the Internet provides much opportunity for criminals, with cyber crime now a key threat for organisations. Consumers sometimes use fraudulent documents to acquire products and services, while some individuals can be an internal threat – committing fraud as an employee.

Most of our AFC courses are mostly SMS based, they re targeted to address the employees at their convenient. We also work with partner HR to synergies our training and communication e.g.

  • When are salaries paid? Communication at this point seek ride on positive feeling to achieve increase loyalty, draw parallels of wages and company well being which are at risk when employee theft happens
  • At what time are the employees at their "brokest"? can we tweak the communication at this point to reduce temptation?

There are solutions to these issues, and FraudVigillance has a number of courses tailor-made for helping you identify, prevent and respond to the fraud and financial crime threats to your organisation. With three decades of experience in the fraud prevention sphere, and access to the latest financial crime data sets from our own databases, our courses provide informed and up-to-date fraud prevention techniques.

We can give you the essential facts on cyber crime, and teach you how to use both the Internet – and the data you collect as an organisation – to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. We can also make sure your fellow employees are as fraud aware as you.

Accessing FraudVigillance training

FraudVigillance’ range of courses on fraud prevention are available to all fraud prevention professionals, regardless of whether your organisation is a FraudVigillance member. Non-members are able to access the following courses:

  • Fraud Intelligence Training
  • Fraud and risk scoring Training
  • Customer and supplier risk and respond Payments and trade credit fraud risk

  • Online Fraud Explained
  • Digital Document Forensics
  • If your organisation is interested in enhancing its fight against fraud by becoming a FraudVigillance member, please visit the Why Join FraudVigillance? page for more information. Member organisations get access to a further range of courses covering fraud data sharing and how to use fraud intelligence.