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Reports and trends

FraudVigilance receives by the second numerous loss and fraud data. These info is fed in the system by employees, business owners, suppliers etc. This is the collated, analyzed and presented in clear visual outputs easing consumption

The reports into the system, capture among others the following:

  • Location of the risk/loss event
  • Type of loss/risk
  • methodology, hiw did happen?
  • Perpetrators and suspects information
  • Time and date
  • What was lost?
  • .

This huge data sets are analysed to dynamically answer the following:

  • What are the loss and fraud risk and trend in your industry
  • What are the loss and fraud risks and trend in your area
  • When do this risk events happen? are they related? are they cyclical?
  • How are we performing as an organization vis a vi the industry averages?
  • Internally, which departments, branches, locations are highly at risk? Is the risk also felt by competition in those areas?

For confidentiality, this are statistical averages to protect individual organization information. Depending on the user rights, even some internal data ca not be availed to them