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Real-time risk Alerts

Protecting yourself and field staff on the move against threats is utmost importance. This is mainly to counter risk to the business by the public i.e. P2B. This risk elements may inlude and limited to robbery, Fake money, conman etc.

On the onset, your business units are mapped on a network for static alerts. For mobile units, their location is dynamic, thus the alerts too.

How it works

  • On set up branch, outlet, sales person is/are mapped to network
  • When an incident happens, the victim reports using our app
  • An alert is broadcast to the clients depending on their location, industry, vulnerability
  • Incident is report to local police
  • Benefit

    • Staff are always informed of what is going on and what the risk elements are, thus always vigilant
    • There is a CASH incentive for every report by staff.
    • Reports are used to build trends, identify new tricks etc