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National Fraud Database

Organisations use the National Fraud Database to share data on thousands of fraud risk cases, preventing billions in fraud losses every year.

Nearly one in every two crimes committed in EA today is a fraud or cybercrime, and every sector is at risk from fraudsters – from charities to banks to distributors, criminals will target any organisation where they can find a weakness.

To fight fraud, organisations need to think like fraudsters. Just as criminals move easily between sectors to commit crimes, organisations must share their data and intelligence just as easily in order to stop them.

The National Fraud Database is simple and effective: hundreds of organisations from across the public and private sectors share data and intelligence with each other in real time and online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Over 30,000 fraud risk cases are currently being added every year. The principle of cross-sector collaboration through reciprocal data-sharing is what makes FraudVigilance unique. It is why we are the EA’s most successful fraud prevention network and a trusted partner of GovernmentS.

Joining the National Fraud Database has a wide range of benefits. Your organisation will:

  • Save money – our members prevented over 1bn in fraud losses in 2018 and reported savings of 2000 for every 1 of investment;
  • Deter fraudsters – our members find that fraud attempts against them lessen in frequency when they join FraudVigillance, as fraudsters will move to target organisations where fraud is more likely to go undetected;
  • Inspire confidence in your stakeholders and customers in your ability to protect them from fraud;
  • Play a role in protecting the whole of the EA – all cases of fraudulent conduct recorded in the National Fraud Database are automatically reported to the police, so that serious and organised fraud can be properly investigated and prosecuted.

If you’re thinking of signing up to the National Fraud Database, take a look at our Why Join FraudVigillance? page. Our Engagement team are also available to discuss with you how the National Fraud Database can strengthen and protect your organisation.