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Why Join FraudVigilance?

As a member of FraudVigilance, your organisation will enjoy access to the EA’s largest cross-sector fraud sharing databases, better enabling your fight against fraud.

Fraud and financial crime are shared threats

EA organisations – large and small, from every sector – lost an estimated 193 billion to fraud and financial crime in 2018. All businesses and organisations are a target.

Criminals want the same thing from your business as they do from any other EA organisations, regardless of sector or size – money, data and information. They strike through any vulnerability they can find, using any method they can, at any time.

FraudVigilance is the shared solution

Through FraudVigilance – an independent, organisation – hundreds of organisations from across all sectors share data and information to protect their business, employees and customers from the effects of fraud and financial crime.

Become a FraudVigilance member and we can help you help your organisation and others from falling victim.


'Being a member of FraudVigilance is important for my own organisation, but equally important its has enabled us develop better relations with our retailers as we can dtermine who to and how much stock support. We have enabled them address their on loss issues at individual micro level .'

Shadrack Oriah, Distributor EABL

Our method of collaboration and cooperation, bringing together sectors and organisations, is the most effective way to tackle financial crime. In short – fraudsters don’t discriminate, so neither should we.

And as a fraud focused organisation, all our income is reinvested into creating new technology and innovations: continually improving your ability to detect, deter and prevent fraud and financial crime.

Learn more about the way FraudVigilance and its members fight fraud and protect organisations

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'As we help more than half a million people each year, handling over 400 million of client money in M-PESA transactions, devices etc, we feel it is important to work with FraudVigilance to ensure that we can protect our clien from fraud. We value our relationship with FraudVigilance very much.' 

James Waweru, Tricom - Safaricom Dealer

How it works

We operate the EA’s most comprehensive databases of fraud information. Our members record and share details of internal and external fraud attempted against their business.

We store this in our secure databases and our members use this data and related intelligence in their processes – whether for verifying applications, preventing money laundering or screening staff.


'Policing cannot deal with fraud and economic crime on its own – the only way to tackle the threat is by working together across the sectors. FraudVigilance is one of our most important strategic partners: we constantly share data to help prevent and fight fraud. Working with FraudVigilance allows us to analyse frauds taking place in the EA and across the world and use that data to support our investigations.'

Rtd. major Francis Nguroro, Head of security - Text Book Center

As a FraudVigilance member you will access the latest data and intelligence from EA law enforcement, national and local government departments, and public bodies. You will join one of the largest fraud-prevention communities in the EA and access our full range of insight and data, including:

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For a flat fee, organisations quickly begin to see the value of FraudVigilance membership – on average our members find that for every 1 they spend on their membership, they save 2000 of avoided fraud.


'First and foremost, the biggest benefit to me is the benefit to my my association members bottom line – being a member of FraudVigilance delivers savings. I also get the opportunity to meet with colleagues across other industries and share intelligence that really helps our customers.'

Wambui Mbarire, CEO and FraudVigilance Advisory Board Member, RETRAK

Become part of the FraudVigilance community

Alongside our effective fraud prevention solution, we offer a variety of ways for you to communicate and collaborate with your peers in both your sector and the wider fraud prevention community.

Insight and

Joining FraudVigilance gives you access to reports and expertise that will help your teams develop and maintain their skills, and learn about the latest fraud threats, trends and intelligence.
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Internal Fraud Database

Enables you to grow a strong anti-fraud culture within your organisation and ensure you do not employ individuals with a history of fraudulent conduct.
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FraudVigilance membership allows you to network with peers both within your industry and a wider fraud prevention community of over 1000 EA organisations. View our member organisations.

National Fraud Database

The EA’s most comprehensive database of instances of fraudulent conduct and financial crime committed by individuals and companies.
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If you’re interested in speaking to other fraud prevention professionals in your sector and beyond, contact our Engagement team to find out more about our offer today.

Expert care and guidance from FraudVigilance

From the first time you contact us, we will spend time with you assessing your fraud and financial crime prevention problems and make a clear and tailored appraisal of how our services and tools can help you.

Our Engagement Team will guide you through the process of joining FraudVigilance and look after you in your first few months. Your dedicated point of contact will be on hand to answer your questions every step of the way.

Taking the first steps to FraudVigilance membership

Your organisation will also need to have appropriate registration to cover fraud prevention and a suitable fair processing notice, making consumers and employees aware of how you will be using their personal information with FraudVigilance.

With those elements in place you are ready to sign up for FraudVigilance membership!

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