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At FraudVigilance, we live only for fighting fraud. As such, we are well placed to offer consumers and individuals advice on how to prevent and respond to the different ways fraudsters can impact your finances.

How we can help with your declined application

There are a number of reasons you may have been declined for a job, loan or financial product. In some instances FraudVigilance may be able to provide information about why. Find out more about making a Subject Access Request.


Protect your identity from fraudsters

Fraudsters can acquire and use your personal details in a variety of ways. Find out how to prevent and respond to the growing problem of identity theft.


What is FraudVigillance?

As we grow in profile, more people are asking the question. FraudVigillance is the ’s leading fraud prevention service. We offer individuals and organisations help in combating the growing threat of fraud and financial crime.


Encourage your child's school to teach them about the consequences of fraud

In collaboration with School Associations, we develop tailored Anti-Fraud Education lesson plans, which will help inform the increasing numbers of young people who are affected by fraud.


Work for FraudVigillance – help us fight fraud and financial crime

As a growing organisation, we are often on the lookout for new talent that shares our values of integrity, collaboration, expertise and innovation.