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What is fraudVigilance?

Who we are

fraudVigilance is a fraud prevention membership organisation. We are the leading fraud prevention service, managing the largest database of instances of fraudulent conduct in the country. Our members are organisations from all sectors, sharing their data across those sectors to reduce instances of fraud and financial crime.

Throughout the countries, our experts and services help protect individuals and institutions from the growing and increasingly sophisticated threat of fraud and financial crime. FraudVigilance has helped its members and customers protect themselves from billions worth of fraud losses. 

With every organisation that becomes a FraudVigilance member, or with whom we collaborate, we establish a tougher environment for fraudsters – both externally and within your organisation. Using the simple tools of communication and sharing information, we are able to shine a light on their activities for all our members and partners to see. 

For members of the public we offer increased security against identity fraud, as well as expert advice on how to protect your personal data in our increasingly tech-reliant world.

What we do

As a member of the public, we can provide you with the information and tools you need to understand fraud and financial crime when it happens, and offer advice about what you can do to protect yourself from becoming a victim. 

Furthermore, using our location based risk alert services. Individuals can in real time get to know exactly what is their risk wherever they are e.g.What are the robbery, counterfeinghting risks in this area?

We also hold information on individuals whose behaviour appears to be consistent with that of known fraudulent conduct. If you’ve been told fraudVigilance holds information about you, you can make a Access Request. Find out more about the information fraudVigilance holds on individuals on the Access Request page.

FraudVigilance for organisations

FraudVigilance has collaborated with organisations from across the public and private sectors to create a non-competitive fraud prevention environment, focused on working with rather than against each other to defeat fraudsters. Our methods utilise a number of products and services including fraud risk databases and networking opportunities for our members and law enforcement partners.

Before providing a service, or employing a new staff member, fraudVigilance members can check details against our databases for matches with individuals whose behaviour appears to be consistent with that of known fraudulent conduct. We also offer a range of training courses that provide the latest knowledge and skills in investigating and responding to fraud and financial crime.